Infant/Young Child and Parent Psychotherapy

Ages 0+

Young children experience their world in the context of relationships. This is especially true for the child parent relationship! Due to this, it may be beneficial in our work for therapy to consist of both child and caregivers working collaboratively during sessions. Dyadic work can help infants, toddlers, and young children process difficult events and work through trauma, loss, and various stressors that can lead to behavioral concerns, including including anxiety, social problems, fearful behavior, depression, sleep difficulties, toileting concerns, tantrums, attention challenges, aggression, opposition, defiance, lying, stealing, sexual behavior, abuse or neglect, school related problems, family or peer conflict, parent/caregiver separation, traumatic experiences, attachment disruptions, adoption, changes in living situation, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and more. Approaches we may use in caregiver and child work includes Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Infant Mental Health, and Dyadic Play Therapy.


INFANT MENTAL HEALTH is a field of practice and research that focuses on young children's ability to manage and express emotions, form close relationships, and explore the environment around them. Infant Mental Health work in therapy focuses on assisting caregivers in forming a secure attachment relationship with their child. Kait has extensive training in Infant Mental Health and is credentialed as an Infant Mental Health Specialist (IMH-E). 

CHILD-PARENT PSYCHOTHERAPY is a therapeutic modality that is rooted in Infant Mental Health, but is specifically used with families that have experienced stressful or traumatic events. Child Parent Psychotherapy joins child and caregiver together in their path of healing versus working separately. Working with parent/caregiver and child together in Child Parent Psychotherapy supports families in thinking how stressful or traumatic experiences impact the parent child relationship. Kait has been trained in Child Parent Psychotherapy through Mount Hope Family Center and is identified as a provider through the Child Trauma Research Program

DYADIC PLAY THERAPY is a modality in which child and parent/caregivers are together in a session in which the child takes the lead and share with the parent/caregiver and therapist what their world is like. It can be reparative to the parent child relationship when parents/caregivers are willing to play, notice, and be present with their child. Kait has extensive training in play therapy and is credentialed as a Registered Play Therapist and Child-Centered Play Therapist. 

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