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  • Kait Towner, LMHC, RPT, CCPT, IMH-E

Pandemic Parenting: How to Help Your Child Mask Up When You Don't Have To

COVID-19 has brought new stressors and challenges to all of us! However, I think parents have especially been hit hard with new challenges during this pandemic!

A new challenge that is arising for parents is how to handle ensuring that your child is masked when the CDC says that you longer have to mask up!

This post will discuss three ways to assist your child in being safe and continuing to wear a mask during this pandemic when adults and older children are no longer required to.

Model the Mask

The number one way to make it easier for your child to wear a mask is to continue wearing a mask yourself. It's much easier to wear a mask as an entire family versus some people wearing a mask and others not. Children think very black and white in regards to things being fair. Most young children would not find it fair for them to have to wear a mask while their caregivers don't have to. It's essentially like telling your child that you're allowed to have chocolate cake for dinner, but they can't! Save yourself the argument and keep the mask on yourself.

Make Masks Cool

Masks can be a great way for children to show their individuality! Instead of having the boring blue or black masks, it can be fun for kids to have masks of their favorite characters, cool patterns, or even sequins and glitter! Use this time of mask transition as an opportunity! Go on Amazon or your favorite place to purchase masks and have your child pick out a few new ones. Who isn't excited to get a new accessory in the mail and show it off when you're out and about?!

Hang On to the Habit

Parents and providers alike were concerned about children wearing masks when the pandemic first started. There were especially concerns for children with special needs or mental health challenges, such as anxiety or sensory processing disorder. However, at this point masks have become habitual! Lean into the habit and feel confident that kids continuing to wear their masks is less of a concern than us adults think!

Want to learn more ways of how to support your child through through my child therapy services in Rochester, New York? Contact me today at (585) 206-1506 or

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