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How Parents Can Implement a Self-Care Plan That Works

Self-care is vital for all parents, especially in the middle of a global pandemic! However, it can be incredibly difficult for most parents and caregivers to develop and implement a self-care plan that actually works for them. Today's blog discusses how parents can develop and implement a self-care plan that will work for them.

Be Realistic

When developing a self care plan, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Parenting is very time consuming! You may not have time to do a two hour workout every day! However, maybe you can schedule that two hour workout once a week. Make your self care plan work for you and your individual family!

Utilize your support system

An incredibly helpful way to implement self care is to utilize your support system. This can include partners, family, and friends. Having your support system take on kid duty for a period of time allows you to implement aspects of your self care plan. Utilizing your support system can be as simple as having your partner take over as the primary caregiver so you can finish your coffee before it gets cold!

Schedule self care

Just like you schedule your children’s doctors appointments, you should schedule self care. Putting self care in your calendar will provide you with the reminder that you need to take care of yourself in order to be the best parent you can be.

Find opportunities for self care

Although scheduling self care is ideal, be flexible about when you can implement your self care routine. Is there five minutes when all the kids are calm and entertaining themselves? Use it to your advantage and implement one of your self care strategies, be it taking a deep breath, reading a book, or making yourself a special beverage.

Start Gradually

Going into self care with an “all or nothing” attitude can set you up for failure. For example, maybe you have a goal of meditating for self care 5 days a week. You are less likely to successfully implement your self care if you expect yourself to go from not mediating at all to meditating 5 days a week. If you start slowly with 2 days a week and work your way up to 5 days a week, you will build your way to self care becoming habitual and making it a part of you and your family’s routine.

Evaluate your plan

Reflecting and evaluating your self care plan is vital to its success. Look back a week or two and see what happened in terms of your self care plan. Make adjustments as needed in order for your plan to be more productive. For example, maybe your scheduled reading time keeps being interrupted by demanding children. Is there a better time your self care can be scheduled? Is there someone who could be on “kid duty” while you engage in self care? Continuous assessment of your self care plan will help you more successfully implement self care while still respecting the needs of your family.

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