• Kait Towner, LMHC, RPT, CCPT, IMH-E

4 Screen Free Strategies For Keeping Your Toddler on Task

We all know that toddlers are highly distractible and have difficulty focusing and staying on task most days. However, there are times during which all parents need their toddler to be quiet, sit still, and stay focused. This blog will provide four screen free strategies for keeping your toddler on task (at least for a few minutes!)

Make it a game

Toddlers are more willing to focus and attend to an activity when it is fun for them, and games are especially fun for little ones! So how can you make tasks into a game? Time your child for how long they can engage in a task. Hide items, like blocks or stuffed animals, around the room and have your child find them. Another option is to challenge your toddler, such as seeing if they can build the biggest tower ever!

Implement rewards

Toddlers are not naturally able to focus and attend for an extended period of time. Little ones are increasingly motivated to focus on tasks when they are rewarded. Tell your child that they will receive a special snack, a small toy, or have special time with a caregiver when they are able to focus on a task.

Use special toys

Have a box of special toys that only come out when you need your child to play by themselves for a period of time. Because the toys will only come out once in a while, your toddler will be increasingly interested in them compared to the toys they use on a regular basis.

Utilize respite

Toddlers have a limited capacity to focus on a task by themselves. The number one thing that helps children focus is a supportive adult. An adult can provide children with with prompts and reminders in order to stay on task more successfully than if the child is independent. If you have the support system, utilize it! Have your partner, family, and friends to be on “kid duty” so that you can complete tasks that need to be kid free.

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