• Kait Towner, LMHC, RPT, CCPT, IMH-E

3 Grounding Techniques to Help Your Anxious Child

Grounding is a way for individuals to become increasingly oriented to the space around them . Those with mental health concerns may feel disoriented when they are experiencing flash backs, anxious thoughts, or negative or challenging emotions. Grounding can be helpful to children with anxiety, trauma histories, or dissociation. Today's post will discuss three grounding techniques that can assist both you and your child in being more present and regulated.

Five Senses Grounding Technique

Encourage your child to spend time becoming more present in their surroundings by recognizing their current experience with the five senses: taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight. Ask your child some of the following questions to assist your child in connecting with their senses: What do they taste? Is there remnants from a beverage, their last meal, or brushing their teeth? What smell is present in the room? It could be a candle, the scent of clothes, or even perspiration. What is your child touching? How does the air feel on their skin? What about the chair they're sitting in or ground they're standing on? For sound, do they hear the world outside their window? Your child might even hear the heat or ac if they are inside. Finally, for sight, what does your child see in the room that they are in? Encourage your child to slowly identify objects around them in order to become more present.

Object Grounding Technique

The object grounding technique focuses on describing in great detail an object that you can currently see. For example, if there is a chair in my room, I could say the chair is brown, made of wood, has four legs, is next to the bookshelf, is used daily, is easily moved, came from an antique sale, and so on and so forth. Together with your child, try to come up with as many descriptions as you can for one object before moving onto another if needed.

Use a Mantra

If your child is someone who frequently needs to utilize grounding techniques, using a mantra can be a great strategy. Choose a mantra or two to have your child repeat to yourself themselves. This can be “I am,” “I am here,” “I am grounded,” or another word or phrase individual to your child.

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